felled in the night by the ones you think you loved
oh and you thought the lions were bad
it's harder than you think telling dreams from one another

I have an ello or w/e

it’s uro-boros

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Pizza Blowies


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Lazy Sunday pizza in bed with a side of awkward beejs for two insufferable men.

For shingekinokitty: This is based off a Professor Ackerman/College student Erwin AU we have going on, where Levi’s some German fartbag who has a cocky piece of puggle poop student Erwin, and they shtupp like anteaters, and it’s all very wrong, but I tried to adapt it to be a little more universal for everyone else to read, but it doesn’t explain why Erwin’s a mouthy bottom trash shit, so I wrote this note, which shingekinokitty told me to, and everything is his fault.

This is just as bad as what you’d expect from the title. NSFW.


Without his phone alarm waking him with obnoxious chirping promptly at 7AM, Erwin was prone to sleeping well into the afternoon, which was threatening to be the case as the minutes gained on midday. He was startled to waking when Levi unceremoniously plopped a stack of pizza boxes on the nightstand by his head and proclaimed, “You’re not leaving bed today.”

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Yo person who just followed me with the really fucking wrong username of heilhitlerourlordandsavior

I’m usually not this rude but please fucking unfollow me unless you change your username

More often than not, sex doesn’t happen between them. There’s something about being older; the drive is lessened both by their experiences and by their age. The reality is, Erwin’s usually too tired for sex, and Levi too anxious for it.

But sometimes, sex is this: in hazy morning light, on the cusp of waking, hands fumbling under sheets, the only sounds between them the soft ones made by skin against skin. Levi’s a quiet partner—and this is a quiet morning.

Levi’s hand slides against Erwin’s front. The tips of his fingers are worn and rough, but his touch is gentle. Erwin tilts his head back and breathes as Levi takes him in hand.


oxford comma

Levi’s knees are knobby and pink, their color interrupted by the presence of neutral-colored bandaids slapped on them, the dissonance in tone almost jarring against the pallor of his skin.

Levi’s a boy of contrasts, really; finely boned but thickly muscled, sharp-elbowed and sharp-tongued. His hair is inky and the spill of it across the desk is smooth, but it’s surprisingly coarse to the touch when Erwin plays with it. His knuckles are a painter’s palette of the shades of bruising. He’s a terrible, terrifying, troublesome boy, but his toes and fingers curl as Erwin sucks him off. 

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levi makes his one speech so much all the vets probably know it by heart and make bets on how long it will take him to say it to the new recruits


Hey there! I'm a brand spanking new follower (as of like 2 minutes ago), and I was looking through your past posts like a creeper. I saw that you reblogged a picture of an African American man with one arm and a man who had huge eyes. I also saw that your tags said you had no idea what it was from, so I came to inform you that it is from the Walking Dead video game series. The more you know~

oh! thank you! I actually knew who it was, haha, but my friend asked me to reblog with silly tags so I did

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